South Park

Park Type

General Grassland


Drug Use, Underage Smokers, Underage Drinkers, Rape, Illegal Business, Vandalism, Minor Terrorism Activity, Arson, Grafitti


Sao Huang's Deaddrops, Ilo Mazahrotti and the Ughi Gang, Shawty, Marshlands AFC


Southy, The Park, The Greenie


Zip Wire, Swings, See-Saw, Climbing Apparatus, Tyre Swing, Wheel Spinner, Circle Bar, Football Green



South ParkEdit

South Park is one of the main parks in the Goole District, it is commonly used for young children in the day, and by some dangerous people at night. There are more than 62 underground cellars that have been made by gangs in South Park, and most of these underground units are used to store alcohol and cigarettes, unfortunately for the criminals, a lot of these have been found and destroyed by chinese loan sharks and looters. The theft of underground bases in South Park has led to large mishap and some violence in Boothferry Road and the Clock Tower area.