Old Goole


Large Village/Small Town


1500 people

Main Streets

Cottingham Street, Moorland Road, Swinefleet Road, Percy Street


Coal Hoist 5, Waterways Museum


Percy Park, South Park

Main Shops

Goole Chinese store, Goole Top Shop, Goole Firework store, Dezzes Cig House, The Firework Store

Overall Price


Old Goole is a large and rough village consisting of roughly one thousand five hundred people, the town has approximately 5 legal stores and around 25 illegal home-run businesses, Old Goole is famous for its culture and its lack of police activity, this therefore causes mayhem with rebels and gangs. Old Goole today is recognised as the most troublesome town or villiage in the whole of East Yorkshire, Goole Town being the second in the list.

Old Goole GalaEdit

The Old Goole Gala is an annual event in South Park or occasionally Moorland Road, it consists of various events such as the fair, stalls, bingo, burger van, singers and much more. there was once some celebrities coming to the fair, mainly actors off of Emmerdale or Coronation Street. The gala still remains today however doesn't attract the attention of the whole of England as it used to.


Old Goole has many gangs, often by youngsters from the age of 13 to about 40 years old. Many of these people are of a bad backround and their families were in gangs also. Many of the greatest of the gangs have existed for atleast 15 years, however some gangs could date back to the 1960s such as the taller gang and the jamaican gang. Most new gangs formed, or gangs consisting of people under the age of 10 usully do not last for more than a month due to members of the gang being beaten up, or perhaps due to members of the gang becoming scared of the other gangs in the area, and therefore these people tend to join the older gangs and learn their ways, or perhaps not leave the house.